Monday, May 27, 2013


1. Snatch/Clean Technique x20-30minx65lb
2. Tuck Jumps 4x5-7xBW
3. Plyo Push-ups 3x5xBW
4. Front Squats 3x7-8x135lb
5. Back Extensions 3x7-8x7.5lb
6. Sandbag Carries 3x15yds

Notes: Felt good today, was really able to push it. Olympic lifting felt great. Lacking explosion and technique on plyometrics.


1. Squats 3x5x200lb, 2x5x185lb
2.Push Press 3x5x130lb
3.Barbell Rows 4x6-7x150lb
4.Goodmorning 3x8-10x20lb
5.Barbell Curls 3x7-10x85lb

Workout felt pretty good even though I only slept 6 hours. I had some irritating pain in my left lower trap. A little pissed that my push press isn't improving.


1. Clean Grip Deadlift 5x4-5x205lb
2.Floor Press 5x5x160lb
3.Front Squat 4x4-5x160lb
4.Dips 3x9-11x5lb
5.Chin Ups 3x6xBW
6.Ab Roll outs 3x6xBW

Notes: Good workout. My DL was okay but my press was even better. Need to improve my Front Squat technique. I had great energy today, mind was focused on workout.


1. Squats 5x5x195lb
2. Military Press 5x6-5x115lb
3. Snatch DeadLift 4x3x130lb
4. Pull ups 3x6-8xBW
5. Back Extensions 3x8xBW

Notes: Felt good today. Workout went well, squats are coming along well.

Sunday, May 19, 2013


It has been some time since I have updated this blog. This does not mean that I have stopped training, it just means that I got bored of blogging because no one was visiting my blog. Now that I have some readers, I'm ready to get back in this shit.

My blog is still going to include informative blog posts, but now it will also include my daily workouts, experiences that I am learning along my weightlifting journey, and a whole host of other things.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Great Summer Day, Great Outdoor Workout

I am not a morning person but since the it looked beautiful outdoors, I decided to head out earlier than usual and prepare myself for an outdoor workout at the park. I took no equipment (mainly because i forgot my jump rope), I didn't even take my car (not like I have one), so I ended up jogging (warm up).

When I arrived at the park, I went straight to work. My workout included:

Jump Squat- 10 reps
Push ups- 10 reps
Sprint- 30 yards
Plyo push up- 8 reps
Alt. Jump lunge- 5 each side
Pull ups- 6 reps

I went through this 3 times, and I was exhausted by the end. I encourage all of you to get in an outdoor workout, their just plain out fun and intense. All of you that lack fitness equipment, no excuses just head outdoors especially since the weather is nice.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Motivation From London/The Olympics.

Olympic Rings
Photo by the*roving*sheep

The Olympics are here. Everyone is fired up and rooting for their team (Go USA!), but still no one is really taking advantage of the movement. The Olympics should encourage and motivate you to get up and train your ass off.
Each and every time I see a greatest athlete compete, I get fired up and it shows in my workouts. I have increased the intensity of my workouts these last couple of days (ever since the Olympics started), and I feel great. All of you should do the same, just look at number of hours some athlete put in:
  • Gymnastics: 6 hours/day
  • Volleyball players: 6 hours/day
  • Swimmers: 5 hours/day
  • Distance Runners: 3 hours/day
  • Archers: 3 hours/day
That's crazy! They train like this for 4 years (or sometimes even more), and they do it to represent their country (and to win a gold medal of course). They don't worry about anything but winning gold and they dedicate their lives to it --that's why it is so common to see tears in their eyes after winning or losing their event.
Now, you don't have to go crazy and spend hours in the gym (unless you would like to compete one day) but, you could take advantage of the moment. The Olympics should motivate you to increase the intensity and/or to stop half-assing your workouts.